Management Consulting and Executive Development


 Personal challenges: Successfully leading yourself, others and companies in uncertain times.


We support you with our professional and international team to find effective answers to your personal challenges!


As a manager and leader, you will be made "fit" for the present and the future by me and my competence team. In the style of the renowned Harvard Professor John Kotter, your profession as a manager is to achieve results. As a leader you are the visionary, inspirer and motivator of your employees. You move and keep them permanently on course with regard to challenging goals and projects. You strengthen your employees' backs so that they make an effective contribution to the company's success with power and commitment - and that in this currently unusual framework!


A role and competence model of leadership, developed and published by me, forms the conceptual basis for our successful teamwork - together with you as our client. Based on central personality competencies and values, I distinguish six key roles of leadership.

Two other key roles are currently being researched and made "handy" for concrete training and coaching. These are the Health Manager and the Digitalization Manager. Those who take these key roles in their stride and have the appropriate tools will be more competent in recognizing and successfully mastering the new types of complex challenges in their own area of responsibility.


The focus on originally six or recently eight key roles results in a transparency of content and a clearly communicable orientation for Manage & Lead trainings and coachings.

We train and coach executives as managers and leaders in order to play their specific roles excellently and in line with the situation, embedded in your business development.